Vacation Without Exiting Much Money? See Tips on Traveling This Save!

Many people who have a hobby of traveling but hindered once the cost of traveling is so expensive. You can get frugal traveling by outsmarting a few things to fit your set of budget. Well, if you are interested in knowing what things you should do to get frugal traveling. Come on, see tips on saving travel from Bob below so that your traveling can still be realized without having to drain your money too deep!

Plan in advance

The first frugal travel tip is to plan everything well in advance. Before you go on a trip, just do a little research on the purpose of your tour. With easy access to information now, you can easily get the detailed information you need related to the tourist destination you are after. Besides via the internet, you can also ask your friends who often travel so that your preparation is much more mature. This plan will let you know what important things you have to prepare and will do to get a nice vacation. You can specify from the check-in or check out the schedule to the core activities that you want to do on your traveling this time. However, don’t forget to prepare a backup plan to anticipate unwanted things happening while you are on vacation.

Vacation in Low Season

Well, one of the next frugal travel tips is to take a vacation in the low season. What is meant by low season holidays is a vacation but not in the holiday season? That way, you can get flight tickets and cheaper accommodation. Given, in the holiday season, entrepreneurs usually increase the price of merchandise or services so that the costs you incur for transportation, lodging, and food will swell compared to normal days. With a vacation in the low season, you can have a budget-efficient and budget-friendly traveling experience that is maintained.

Manage Finances

After you have carefully planned both the destination and what activities you want to do on this frugal traveling, the next thing you should do is to manage the financial details of your traveling well. To manage your finances in more detail, you can start by determining a minimum and maximum budget for each post such as transportation, accommodation, and daily food costs. This is so you know your spending limits if at any time there are unexpected expenses while on vacation.

Diligent Check Promo

If you want to travel frugally, one of the expenses that you can press is a plane ticket both at home and away. To get relatively cheap airplane tickets, you have several options for you to choose from.

The first is to check flight ticket prices regularly on online booking sites. Sometimes some airlines give promos or discounts in certain months. So, with periodic checks, you can get a ticket price that is much cheaper than you originally thought. Usually, if you order a ticket for a long time ago, the price offered is much cheaper than the price of a ticket that is close to your traveling schedule.

Also, don’t forget to compare prices from one site to another. This way, you get an idea of ​​the difference in ticket prices so that you won’t hesitate to buy the cheapest tickets from the site that you have compared. Finally, you can often visit the travel fair in your city. If you don’t know the exhibition schedule, just search on the internet and you can get information about the nearest travel fair. There usually, there are many attractive promos that you can adjust to your budget.

Record Expenses

Of course, it will be in vain if you have set the finances for your vacation but you don’t even record any expenses for traveling. Therefore, record every expense that you have done. Although it is troublesome this is indeed good for your finances. To record it, you can use a booklet or a non-cash payment application on your mobile phone that you can now easily download. This aims to let you know whether you are still on track or not in the budget that you have planned before. So, saving travel is in your hands!

Use Public Transport

When you have arrived at the tourist destination you want, try to use public transportation or on foot if the tourist attraction is not far from your lodging. Therefore, as much as possible also avoid using private transportation such as taxis on trips in the city. There are many benefits that you can get when you use this frugal traveling. The main thing is saving your expenses because the ticket prices are relatively cheap. Also, you are freer to move from object to object. The use of public transportation can also enrich your traveling experience, you know. As long as you don’t hesitate to interact with the locals, you will get surprises about the city you visit.

Choose Budget Accommodation

If you have a close friend or relative in this frugal travel destination, it is even better because you will save even more. But if there isn’t, look for lodging that is cheap but still comfortable and safe. There have been many lodging review sites that you can make a benchmark for choosing your lodging. Ignore lodging that provides supporting facilities that you won’t use too much like television or swimming pools. This is because you already know what you are going to do on this thrifty traveling this time. So, you only need a comfortable bed and also the power to recharge your electronics.

Save Traveling by Choosing Food

Enjoying good food is not always you can feel in expensive restaurants but you can find it at street vendors on the roadside. The price is relatively cheap and makes you full of course in harmony with the frugal traveling that you stretcher. If you are in doubt, you can easily find reviews of places to eat that you want. In addition to choosing a simple stall over expensive restaurants, mealtime is also important to maintain your expenses. One way is to set back your breakfast an hour later. You can save even more because your breakfast is approaching lunch hour. For those of you who haven’t had enough cash, with increasingly advanced technology, as long as you have prepared your non-tuna money, you can do cashless transactions for the food you have bought.

Bring Your Drink

The last economical travel tip is to question the water you consume. The journey is quite far, of course, need not less drinking water, right? However, continuing to buy bottled water will burden your pocket. To keep traveling sparingly, you can bring your drink bottles from home. Even though sometimes it feels troublesome, but believe that bringing your drinks gives you many benefits. In developed cities, you can easily refill drinking  water during your trip. You can also fill drinking water in your place of stay if it includes the facilities provided. Also, you contribute to the green traveling movement.

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