The Most Popular End of semester Holidays Abroad

The end of semester holidays is a much-awaited moment. Because in the long vacation time, children have the opportunity to take a break from routine learning at school. Not infrequently some parents want to take their children to travel to some interesting places. No half-hearted, if they have money, they may take children on holiday abroad. If you want something similar, here are some recommended and popular end of semester holidays abroad.

1. Singapore

This country is a country that is very attractive to tourists from Indonesia. Seen from the many tourists from Indonesia who visit there when the holiday season arrives. Besides being close to Indonesia, Singapore is also quite interesting and has many famous tourist destinations. Also, tourist destinations in Singapore are suitable for children. Call it the Universal Studios Singapore which is very famous. This tourist spot is often used as the main destination for tourists visiting Singapore. If you don’t have a lot of money when exploring Singapore, take it easy. Because there are still a few Singapore Free Attractions that can be visited without having to pay the cost of purchasing an entrance ticket.

2. Malaysia

Besides Singapore, another neighboring country suitable for a semester-end holiday abroad is Malaysia. This country is also quite often used as a tourist destination for tourists from Indonesia. Aside from its proximity, the Malay language and cultural language close to Indonesia makes many people interested because it will be easy to adjust and talk with ethnic Malay. Not only that, Malaysia also has several interesting tourist spots that are suitable for visiting with children. You can take the children to Legoland Malaysia. For those of you who want to save on vacation to this neighboring country, don’t forget to look for references and also Cheap Vacation Tips to Malaysia so you can arrange your trip comfortably.

3. Thailand

Still in Southeast Asia, another country that is suitable to be visited with family during semester breaks abroad is Thailand. This country has its unique charm. Thailand also has quite a lot of tourist attractions that can be visited with children and families. If you want to travel with children, Bangkok is the right city to visit. But besides Bangkok other places are no less beautiful. You can take the kids to Phuket, Pattaya, or hunt for good food on Sunday Walking Street. Therefore, before deciding to buy a plane ticket, it is better if you look for information about the List of Tourist Attractions in Thailand that are famous and popular that can be visited while in Thailand.

4. Cambodia

You might have thought that Cambodia was less attractive for tourism. But over the years, this country which is also quite close to Indonesia has begun to improve itself. At present the tourism sector in Cambodia makes many tourists from outside Cambodia interested in coming there. You can also make Cambodia one of the interesting end of semester holidays abroad. For example by visiting Angkor Wat, Angkor Night Market, Kratie, Sihanoukville and several historic buildings in Cambodia. The atmosphere that will be obtained will be far different from other countries.

5. Japan

Japan has long been a dream country for tourism. Therefore, you might be interested in making Japan an attractive weekend destination abroad. This country has stunning natural beauty. You will also find many typical Japanese buildings and unique culture in the country. As a developed country, Japan also has a convenient mode of transportation. So that tourists do not need to worry about transportation while in Japan. You can bring children to visit Tokyo Tower, Ueno Park, Tokyo Disneyland, and many more.