5 Life Lessons From 5 Years Of Traveling The World

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Bloggers have been providing retreats to return discover ways to journey like them, and people have been eating it all up – not that it was unhealthy, but things changed. Travel running a blog became a lot more saturated and it was a query of tips on how to stand out. I worked my butt off on the blog and social media, learning everything I might about SEO, Pinterest advertising, photography, you name it! Now, four years later, I make a lot more money than I did as a nurse and at last really feel comfy.

As a blogger, I work with manufacturers to advertise them on my travels and not only do I then get to travel at no cost, but I usually get paid for it. That is because I actually have readers, such as you, and followers on social media. I didn’t simply turn out to be profitable overnight and my parents/boyfriend aren’t paying for it (as so many individuals remark to inform me they think is the case!). It’s aggressive and you need to work really hard. After I left nursing and moved to India, I was a masseuse for some time and … Read More

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