Vacation Without Exiting Much Money? See Tips on Traveling This Save!

Many people who have a hobby of traveling but hindered once the cost of traveling is so expensive. You can get frugal traveling by outsmarting a few things to fit your set of budget. Well, if you are interested in knowing what things you should do to get frugal traveling. Come on, see tips on saving travel from Bob below so that your traveling can still be realized without having to drain your money too deep!

Plan in advance

The first frugal travel tip is to plan everything well in advance. Before you go on a trip, just do a little research on the purpose of your tour. With easy access to information now, you can easily get the detailed information you need related to the tourist destination you are after. Besides via the internet, you can also ask your friends who often travel so that your preparation is much more mature. This plan will let you know what important things you have to prepare and will do to get a nice vacation. You can specify from the check-in or check out the schedule to the core activities that you want to do on your traveling this time. However, don’t … Read More

10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Southeast Asia for Summer Vacation

As people who live in tropical countries, surely we always want to take a vacation to a destination that has a beach. In Indonesia, there are lots of beautiful beaches that you must visit. However, talking about beach tourism, there is nothing wrong with trying new sensations for a vacation to beach destinations in Southeast Asia. There are lots of beach tours that you can explore and make a vacation spot this summer.

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Cat Ba is one of the largest islands in Halong Bay and is already a center for ecotourism and sports located in the north of Vietnam. Cat Ba offers views of beautiful beaches, rocky cliffs, hiking trails, caves, national parks and the high seas. Adventurous travelers can rent kayaks or boats to explore local bays and caves. Not only does it offer beautiful panoramic views of the coast, in the Cat Ba area it is also available in various lodging places where the price for renting a room with complete facilities starts from USD 12. As for the culinary, you only need to raise a family of USD 1-2 for every meal, very affordable. right?

Wakatobi, Indonesia

It’s incomplete if you don’t recommend … Read More

Overseas Vacation Tips for Backpackers with Friends

Everyone needs a vacation, both domestically and abroad. But if a vacation abroad, more budget is needed, making travelers choose for backpackers. Recommendations for cheap hotels and destinations with pocket-friendly costs can be selected. Here are tips for backpackers to keep your vacation exciting and fun:

1. Make a note of the destination to be visited.

List of tourist destinations or exciting activities that fit your budget and desires. Surely many exciting tourist destinations with friendly prices.

2. Learn the culture of the country visited.

Before a holiday abroad, you should learn about the culture, rules, and manners in the destination country. For example in Singapore, it is forbidden to smoke and litter, or not to give tips in the United States.

3. Pay attention to the weather on the date of travel.

Knowing the weather in the destination country is very important because it will affect the clothes and equipment that will be taken when traveling. Don’t bring winter clothes when the weather reaches 37 degrees Celsius huh.

4. Ask for recommendations from local residents.

Local residents certainly understand better about cheap and tasty culinary places, anti-mainstream tourist destinations and others. Surely locals are happy to help you give … Read More

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