5 Reasons Why Occasional Families Should Schedule Collective Holidays

Almost everyone likes the name of the trip. Some are just simply to pull aside from daily activities and activities, some deliberately take the time to accompany their close relatives on vacation, others make travel as a routine, even making it a main job, such as tourist guides, nature photographers, and so on. Likewise with holidays, sometimes some want to say hello to nature, some go to historical sites, or some are just visiting to meet relatives or relatives who live in the village.

Of all the activities above, for a moment we ask ourselves, what are you looking for from a vacation? To be frank, is it just simply joining in so as not to be considered obsolete because they have never visited tourist sites that are trending at the time? Or indeed looking for pleasure alone, want to pull over from the tired office desk?

Quality Time

Good for anyone, taking the time to be able to share time with the people we love is the most valuable thing. It is very difficult sometimes to be able to spend a little time to enjoy the name of the trip, especially for a family, a father is certainly faced … Read More

Enjoy a picnic with family

As a refresher, try to occasionally make a picnic in your home garden. If the house does not have a large enough yard, then a selection of city parks in your area can be a destination for a simple picnic. Here are some tips and preparations that must be considered in making a picnic


For a picnic done in a city park, then the best time for pills mothers is in the morning. Why morning? In addition to the fresh air, the sunlight is not too hot so the mother can exercise beforehand with the family, and then continue with breakfast together.


Before Mother promises picnic activities to your child, it never hurts to see the weather forecasts first. Do not let your child disappointed because of a promise that is not kept. If the weather turns out unexpected, then prepare alternative other activities.


If the picnic starts with sports together, they also prepare a change of clothes for your child. Given that outdoor events easily make your child sweat, then prepare at least 2 pairs of clothes made of materials that absorb sweat and are also comfortable to wear.

Hats or umbrellas should not be missed … Read More

Vacation Without Exiting Much Money? See Tips on Traveling This Save!

Many people who have a hobby of traveling but hindered once the cost of traveling is so expensive. You can get frugal traveling by outsmarting a few things to fit your set of budget. Well, if you are interested in knowing what things you should do to get frugal traveling. Come on, see tips on saving travel from Bob below so that your traveling can still be realized without having to drain your money too deep!

Plan in advance

The first frugal travel tip is to plan everything well in advance. Before you go on a trip, just do a little research on the purpose of your tour. With easy access to information now, you can easily get the detailed information you need related to the tourist destination you are after. Besides via the internet, you can also ask your friends who often travel so that your preparation is much more mature. This plan will let you know what important things you have to prepare and will do to get a nice vacation. You can specify from the check-in or check out the schedule to the core activities that you want to do on your traveling this time. However, don’t … Read More

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