Overseas travel? Bring Practical Foods Here.

Traveling abroad is certainly a fun thing. But it will be a problem if we are not suitable for food in the country. Don’t worry, now there are various practical foods you can bring. The difference in Taste and Taste of Cuisine is an Obstacle when Being Abroad Holidays abroad are no longer just a dream in broad daylight. The ease of information and transportation makes it easier for us to visit any country we want. The matter of accommodation and facilities was not a big problem for us.

When vacationing abroad, people usually have problems with the type of food. Our tongue is difficult to accept different spice flavors. A smaller portion of a higher price of food is also a problem when we are abroad. Not to mention the unique habits of Indonesian people where we feel we have not eaten if we have not eaten the name of rice. Do not let differences in tastes in terms of these foods prevent you from visiting abroad. You can still be comfortable and calm during the holidays by choosing foods that are suitable for traveling.

Tips for Choosing Foods That Are Suitable for Traveling

Make Sure The Food Lasts Long

When deciding to bring lunch for the holidays, make sure you bring durable food. Avoid foods that last only a day or two, because they will only run out on the journey. Well, about this food security, you can also make it more durable than the type of container. Choose an airtight container that can be tightly closed. Then when you put food in a container, make sure the food is really cold. Because, if you add food that is still hot, then the food will be less durable. Foods that are still hot can make bacteria and fungus more easily develop on food if left in a closed state.

Note the Expiration Date

If you bring packaged food, then make sure you see the expiration date. Don’t just be tempted by the taste, let alone just be interested in the packaging. Pay attention to the composition of the ingredients and also the expiration date of the food. There is no harm in also choosing food packaging that includes the date of manufacture. This way you are more sure that the food is safe because you know the date of manufacture and also the expiration date.

Make sure there are no restrictions in the country you are aiming for

Different countries certainly also have different rules. When entering another country, you must know what is allowed and what is not. Don’t be embarrassed because you were caught breaking the rules about food.

For example, you must know that the country of Singapore is the most disciplined country in maintaining cleanliness. Singapore prohibits passengers from eating on the subway. If it gets caught, then the fine can be given up to 500 Singapore dollars. Then there are also countries that prohibit tourists or local people from carrying certain foods. For example, in France, tomato sauce is a prohibited food ingredient since 2011. In some countries such as America and Canada, raw milk is a type of prohibited beverage.

Choose Practical Foods

When traveling abroad, our luggage is full of clothes and other necessities. If you want to bring food for fear of not matching your tastes, then make sure you bring something practical. You can bring dried foods, packaged foods or foods that are ready to be eaten without further processing. You can bring rendang, anchovies beans or even side dishes such as crackers and chili sauce. You may also bring instant noodles because this is a practical food that is easy to process. Now, check with various practical foods that you can take to travel below.

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