Guaranteed More Fun! Following Tips for Abroad Vacation Backpacker

Going on vacation abroad with a culture and language that is very different, of course, there must be extra preparation, especially if you choose a backpacker-style vacation. Usually, relatives will give standard advice, such as do not forget to eat, take care of yourself, so do not go to suspicious places. Although good, that advice is not enough to make you a nimble and smart backpacker to save money while on holiday abroad. Now, so that backpacker-style holidays are more exciting and safe, consider the following tips first.

1. Create a Travel Plan

Making travel plans or itineraries is a must. Why? Because with a list of places to visit and interesting activities to do, your vacation will be more fun. Travel plans will make your vacation time nothing wasted.

2. Understand the Culture of the Destination Country

Before going on vacation abroad, it’s good to make observations on the country you want to visit. After that, start studying the culture and etiquette adopted by the country. This is done so that you can more easily adapt and prevent the possibility of offending local people because of our behavior.

3. References from Local Residents

Of course, not all backpackers have adequate and accurate information about the destination they want to visit. Well, if you are still confused about what to do, it never hurts to ask for references to exciting places too good places to eat to the local population. Usually, local residents are much more understanding about favorite destinations so the advice given will be very useful. Therefore, maintaining etiquette is very important to do in a country so that your arrival can be accepted like family rather than strangers.

4. Pay attention to the Weather Conditions in the Destination Country

Before going on vacation to the destination country, one important thing to note is knowing the weather conditions and seasons in the country. This will certainly be very helpful, especially in terms of choosing activities and destinations to be addressed and preparing the right outfit.

5. Bring enough clothes

When traveling, especially for a backpacker, every space in a backpack is certainly very valuable. That is because the gap in the bag can be used as a place to store souvenirs. Therefore, do not bring too many clothes.

Well, so that the backpack can also accommodate a lot of things and even clothes don’t look wrinkled, try folding your clothes by rolling them.

6. Prepare a Holiday Budget

When going on vacation there will certainly be a lot of funds needed. Ranging from transportation costs, food, to shopping. Therefore make a breakdown of the costs needed for the holiday. Even if you have to downsize, don’t make the cost breakdown too mediocre. There must be more funds set aside.

7. Bring Personal Drugs

Don’t forget to put medicines including vitamins that are commonly used at home in the bag. Although not necessarily used, what’s wrong if you prepare it in advance because there is no guarantee of health conditions when on vacation.

8. Don’t Be Too Striking

There are many risks of being exposed to crime for a backpacker, especially for a woman. Because women are very vulnerable to being targeted by bad people, for example, pickpocketing, theft, to sexual harassment.

These people can easily recognize a tourist even from long distances. Therefore try to mingle with the locals, use clothing and accessories that are not conspicuous, and avoid carrying bags that are too large so as not to provoke evil intentions. Also, avoid going to lonely places by yourself.

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