Enjoy a picnic with family

As a refresher, try to occasionally make a picnic in your home garden. If the house does not have a large enough yard, then a selection of city parks in your area can be a destination for a simple picnic. Here are some tips and preparations that must be considered in making a picnic


For a picnic done in a city park, then the best time for pills mothers is in the morning. Why morning? In addition to the fresh air, the sunlight is not too hot so the mother can exercise beforehand with the family, and then continue with breakfast together.


Before Mother promises picnic activities to your child, it never hurts to see the weather forecasts first. Do not let your child disappointed because of a promise that is not kept. If the weather turns out unexpected, then prepare alternative other activities.


If the picnic starts with sports together, they also prepare a change of clothes for your child. Given that outdoor events easily make your child sweat, then prepare at least 2 pairs of clothes made of materials that absorb sweat and are also comfortable to wear.

Hats or umbrellas should not be missed … Read More

Overseas Vacation Tips for Backpackers with Friends

Everyone needs a vacation, both domestically and abroad. But if a vacation abroad, more budget is needed, making travelers choose for backpackers. Recommendations for cheap hotels and destinations with pocket-friendly costs can be selected. Here are tips for backpackers to keep your vacation exciting and fun:

1. Make a note of the destination to be visited.

List of tourist destinations or exciting activities that fit your budget and desires. Surely many exciting tourist destinations with friendly prices.

2. Learn the culture of the country visited.

Before a holiday abroad, you should learn about the culture, rules, and manners in the destination country. For example in Singapore, it is forbidden to smoke and litter, or not to give tips in the United States.

3. Pay attention to the weather on the date of travel.

Knowing the weather in the destination country is very important because it will affect the clothes and equipment that will be taken when traveling. Don’t bring winter clothes when the weather reaches 37 degrees Celsius huh.

4. Ask for recommendations from local residents.

Local residents certainly understand better about cheap and tasty culinary places, anti-mainstream tourist destinations and others. Surely locals are happy to help you give … Read More