9 Cheap Traveling Tips to Budapest-Hungary, Guaranteed Really Save!

less amazing than other European countries. Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary can be included in your list of destination countries. Budapest as the capital of the country, has its own charm with a variety of tours that should not be missed just like that. Even Budapest is famous as one of the cheap destinations But guys, even though it’s famous for being cheap, you still have to be smart about managing finances while traveling. If you can save more money, why not? Here are some tips for those of you who want to take a vacation to the city of Budapest.

1. Buy a Budapest-travelcard so you can travel with various transportation such as buses, trams, subways and even boats. Besides having an affordable price, the facilities provided are international class!

2. Shopping for food at Spar, Aldi, or Lidl which provides a variety of healthy foods to ready-to-serve food with relatively cheaper prices

3. Eating doner kebabs or sandwiches that are easily found everywhere with prices

4. Bring a bottle of drinking water. Because there is guaranteed water quality, then you can fill clean water in the place provided

5. Renting a hostel is also quite affordable, even hostels in the middle of the city center with adequate facilities you can get only by paying less than for one night

6. Bring your own plastic bag or bag when shopping can save up to. Pretty good guys

7. Visiting free tourist attractions such as Gellért Hill, St. Stephen’s Basilica, Heroes’ Square, and many more can add to your insight about Hungarian culture

8. Cooking your own food in the hostel kitchen can save up to 50% guys. For example, buying spaghetti and sauce will cost around rupia for 3 times a meal. You can try it!

9. Wear shoes or sandals that are super comfortable. Because there you will often walk, the choice to have appropriate footwear is very helpful

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