7 Fun and Cost-Effective Vacation Tips

Weekend is a day that is used by many people for a vacation. However, not infrequently some people choose to stay at home without activities. The reason is none other than because spending is likely to swell. But, wasteful thoughts and habits are not always true. The reason you can also enjoy a vacation with economical spending and still enjoyable. A nice vacation doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. The location of a vacation in Indonesia is very wide and there are so many beautiful places that will certainly make your vacation more efficient and enjoyable.

So, for those of you who want an economical and fun vacation, let’s read the following tips:

Vacation Location Survey

Before going on vacation, first determine where you will go on vacation. To ensure that the place you want to go is in accordance with expectations. The survey itself can be done via the internet, travel books, or brochures from travel agents. By conducting a survey, you can start calculating the range of money needed. Also can find out if there are promotions or discounts, so your willingness to save even easier.

Order from Far Away

After conducting a survey and your destination, now is the time to order transportation tickets, accommodation, or tourist tickets on location. Usually if a booking is made long before D-day, there will be special prices that are much cheaper or can get other attractive offers during your vacation.

Do not go on holiday on vacation days

Because, most tourist attractions will raise prices more expensive than when in the normal season. Therefore, you can certainly save even more if you go before or after the holiday season. In addition, by going not on a vacation day is usually more quiet.

Do not want luxury, but prioritize comfort

If you want to save money, then you have to stop imagining luxury holidays. Better cheap but comfortable prices. But, not to save money you forget about comfort.

Don’t forget to bring cash

Bringing cash during the holidays will better manage your expenses during the holidays. If you are afraid that the money will be lost because it is stolen or others, then bring enough money, but don’t forget to bring a debit or credit card or visa or MasterCard. This is done to make it easier when you need money suddenly.

Record expenses during the holidays

By recording expenses while on vacation, you will find out how much money has been spent and for anything. In order to be able to reduce the possibility of wasteful which makes holidays expensive.

Find cheap shopping places

Shopping is the biggest staple when going on vacation. But, not because you want to bring souvenirs for relatives or friends, you become wasteful. If you can, don’t make shopping a top priority, so that your next vacation day doesn’t run out of money.

Apart from that, you can find cheap but good shopping places. Usually in traditional markets the prices are cheaper and more varied than souvenir shops.

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