7 Culinary trips in Western Australia

Spoil the tongue in Western Australia! The largest state in the land of the Kangaroo offers a dining adventure that makes it crazy, especially for tourists who hold great attention to the culinary world. A delicious concoction and a mixture of special ingredients from well-known kitchens in Western Australia indeed invite many tourists to this place. What was being pursued was quite clear, namely good food, fresh seafood, and premium wine as a mixture of flavors.

A culinary adventure in Perth

In recent years, Perth has been hit by a ‘dining boom’. New bars, cafes and restaurant businesses are mushrooming around the city. Specifically in the Northbridge, Mount Lawley, Leederville, Subiaco, Fremantle, Victoria Park, Cottesloe, and Claremont regions. New restaurant hip names include Brika, Bib & Tucker, Cott & Co., Bread in Common, Pleased to Meet You, and The Old Crow. Cobain also delicacies from restaurants that already entertain tourists, such as Trustee, The Print Hall, Lala Rookh, The Heritage, Amuse Restaurant, Andaluz, Co-op Dining, Bistro Guillaume, and the Greenhouse.

Tasting truffle mushrooms

The black truffle mushroom from the City of Manjimup is a secret recipe for Western Australia. Wine & Truffle Company which is the largest producer of black truffles based in Manjimup. If all the truffle production from other regions in Australia were combined, the numbers would even be far less than the production from Manjimup. Wow, that’s great! That’s also the reason why truffles are so celebrated in Manjimup. Every June, Manjimup holds a Truffle Kerfuffle which is a food and wine festival.

Go along to Margaret River

Margaret River, which is southwest of Western Australia, is a world-renowned vineyard region. More than 150 wine producers, 80 wine cellars, and more than 20 percent of premium wine from the Kangaroo Country originated from there. So if you go on holiday to Margaret River, you must legally taste the local wine. There are many choices of winery restaurants in this area, some of which are favorites include Aravina Estate, Cullen, Wills Domain, Leeuwin Estate, Knee Deep, Vasse Felix, and Voyager Estate. In addition, there are also interesting bars and restaurants in the city center, namely Swings Taphouse, Muster, and Morries Anytime.

Follow the Swan Valley trail

Only 25 minutes from Perth, there is an area called Swan Valley. This area is the oldest vineyard area in Western Australia. In 2014, the age of these gardens reached 180 years. Spend the day exploring culinary and wine trails in the Swan Valley. The track offers a beautiful panorama of Australian vineyards (more than 40 in the region), breweries, whiskey distilleries, restaurants, cafes, arts and crafts centers, and fresh food centers from Australia.

Eat fresh seafood

Along the coastline of Western Australia, there is a myriad of seafood that is addictive. At the fishing dock Fremantle for example. In addition, there are places to eat Kaili shrimp in Exmouth, Rottnest shells, giant Geraldton lobster, and barramundi fish in Broome. If you want to see the process more completely, from the time you just harvested from the sea to landing on a plate, follow the journey to the north. More precisely at Cervantes or Geraldton, where there is a tour of the coral lobster center. The size of the lobsters makes wide-eyed, so large.

Quench your thirst at a local brewery

Traveling around Australia makes you thirsty? Luckily in Western Australia scattered more than 30 boutique boutiques. Starting from the iconic to unique. One of the unique things is sipping a glass of Matso’s Broome while sitting under a star-studded sky. Hmmm, complete taste. There are also several distilleries that collect other types of drinks, such as Great Southern Distellery in Albany which is a famous whiskey producer and The Hoochery in Kimberley which is a producer of rum.

Take a trip to Carnarvon

Carnarvon was nicknamed the ‘bowl’ of Western Australia cuisine. This is because Carnarvon is a center of fresh food. There, tourists can visit gardens owned by local farmers who sell their crops directly that day. The area around Carnarvon is also a famous producer of tropical fruit. And, bananas are the main commodity. While eating a fresh menu from Carnarvon, take a trip to explore the plantation area and visit Carnarvon Grower’s Market. Another menu that is no less popular at Carnarvon is seafood. Shrimp, shellfish, crabs, and various types of fish are harvested fresh. Not far from that place, there is the Gascoyne region that is worldwide because of its efforts to raise cattle in an environmentally friendly way.

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