5 Extreme Travel Destinations in Parts of the World, Have the Guts to Come?

Traveling is usually synonymous with relaxing and fun activities. But for some people who are adventurous and like something that is challenging, these things seem invalid and less of their interest. Now, if you want to feel something different while traveling, it looks like the following extreme locations from various parts of the world are suitable for you adrenaline addicts. Where have you been? Check out the reviews right away, let’s go!

1. Visiting the extreme tourist boiling river in Peru

The Boiling river or boiling river with the name Shanay-timpishka is located in the interior of the Amazon forest, precisely in Mayantuyacu, Peru. The water that flows in this river has an extraordinarily hot temperature, so it’s no wonder that this river is dubbed the hottest river in the world. In certain parts of the river, the temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius, you know! If there is a living being around the river that accidentally falls, it will automatically be boiled alive.

Not many people know about the location of this river. In one year, only a handful of tourists come to see the phenomenon of the boiling river. That said, water vapor from this river also has extraordinary properties to cure various diseases. Interested in feeling this boiling river phenomenon directly? Be careful slipping, yes!

2. Enjoy lightning tours on Lake Maracaibo

The next extreme and unique tourist destination is in the Lake Maracaibo area which is located in the northern part of Venezuela. Why is it called unique? Because in this area there is a rare phenomenon, namely the presence of lightning activity with a high enough intensity up to hundreds of times every hour.

Approaching the dry season is the most fitting moment to see the eternal lightning phenomenon that adorns the Venezuelan sky, precisely in the late afternoon. Even local residents also offer tours for visitors who want to witness this lightning phenomenon directly from strategic places. How interesting, right?

3. Swim with ferocious sharks at Gansbaai Beach, South Africa

Maybe diving with panoramic views of beautiful marine life such as coral reefs or small fish is too common to be enjoyed. It’s different when you visit Gansbaai, South Africa, which is known to be the territory of the most ferocious cartilaginous fish species in the world.

There you can feel a tense sensation while doing cage diving while being accompanied by a herd of giant white sharks swimming freely around the water. How about it, dare to test your guts to try this extreme tour?

4. Have an exciting adventure at the Anak Krakatau Mountain, Sunda Strait

Mount Anak Krakatau is a nature reserve area that is a favorite destination for backpackers. This location also has its own charm and has attracted many tourists, both local and foreign.

If the conditions and weather are good, you can certainly explore further this area of   Mount Anak Krakatau. Starting from enjoying the panoramic view of small islands near the mountain area to feeling the underwater beauty. Even if possible, you are also allowed to climb the mountain, you know!

But considering that this one volcano is still active, so for those of you who are planning to come here you still have to be vigilant, huh!

5. Play water with deadly predators at Crocosaurus Cove, Australia

For you fans of extreme travel that can stimulate adrenaline, it looks like this one destination is perfect to visit. There is one tourist spot called the ‘Cage of Death’ and its location is in Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin in northern Australia.

In this place, you can interact with saltwater crocodiles, which can reach up to six meters in size, by entering a tube that will bring you face to face with a giant crocodile. Are you ready to face to face with the predator?