5 Cheap Overseas Travel Destinations

Traveling abroad is one alternative for tourists to fill vacation time. Unfortunately, it requires no small cost. No need to worry! there are several countries to visit when the budget is mediocre, you know. Curious? The following is a review of countries that have cheap travel costs that we have summarized for Mojo’s friends.


Thailand is still the best choice for travelers who want a cheap vacation. In addition to the scenery, you can enjoy the culinary because the average food in Thailand is delicious and most importantly very cheap. Not only street food, the food in the restaurant you can enjoy. As for the cost of lodging is also relatively cheap.


Countries in Southeast Asia are currently in great demand by tourists from all parts of the world and also Indonesia. Not only offering exotic natural scenery but the low cost suitable for backpackers. Although cheap, there are many interesting attractions that you can visit. One of them is the Angkor Wat Archaeological Park which is a World Heritage site that looks very beautiful at sunset.


Vietnam offers an endless variety of beauty and natural wealth. The country also supports the tourism sector, one of which regulates the cost of lodging and developing tourist destinations, and its local culture. Food and lodging costs are equally cheap, guaranteed not to drain your pocket. In addition, historic tours are no less good as the Hoa Lo Prison Museum, Remnants Museum, and the Cu Chi Tunnel.


For those of you who have a mediocre budget, Laos is the most appropriate country to visit. For lodging, you just need to prepare 120 thousand rupiahs per night and can stay at the Bungalow. Not only lodging, for you culinary connoisseurs, but there also are many kinds of street food that can be tried because the price is very affordable and enjoy it while looking at the beautiful view of the Mekong river.


The country, known for its twin towers, also has very cheap traveling costs. Moreover, this country is very close to Indonesia so the cost of living in Malaysia is not much different from Indonesia. When traveling in this country the cost will be cheaper by using a tour package and you can go around visiting various right in Malaysia.

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