Tips for Choosing a Travel Destination with Parents

Planning a comfortable family vacation with parents? Traveling by airplane and must determine the destination of the airport.

This time I want to share tips on preparing a comfortable family vacation with parents. Because a comfortable vacation depends on the tourist destination to be addressed and with whom we enjoy the vacation.

How to determine a comfortable tourist destination when inviting parents?

The purpose of a picnic or vacation or excursion is indeed the main thing that must be agreed upon before we travel together, especially inviting parents. Start by asking the following questions:

• Do you want a cold or hot place?

• Do you want to go far or near? (usually adjusted to the vacation budget)

After asking the questions above, surely the answers received will vary. In my experience, parents will answer with the answer: “young man”. Though there are some things we need to consider when choosing a tourist attraction later if you invite parents.

Answers number one and two determine the next question, whether or not we need to use transportation and stay overnight?

• Want to ride a car, train or airplane?

• Staying at your family or hotel?

The above considerations are made because as long as Manda’s experience brings with her parents, there are many things that sometimes we don’t think of but parents become not enjoying the trip, including:

1. Visit your place in the city that is going to travel. Because according to them, while there is still age, friendship lengthens the age.

2. Choose air transportation when travel outside the city to save energy on the trip. And now it’s easy to find airport transfer solutions when traveling by airplane.

3. For the problem of accommodation for staying in the city in question. If you wish to disagree, you should answer the win-win solution for your parents. For example, comfort issues, problems far near to tourist attractions, troublesome or not, returning to our original destination we want to travel so that stopping by your relatives can be done without having to stay there.

4. Choose a place that is not much on the road and can be enjoyed by parents.

5. Choosing culinary that can be accepted by their digestion and pay attention to their time, such as regular mealtime or when it is filled with snacks to take medicine.

Indeed it turns out, taking parents on vacation is the same preparation as taking a toddler to travel. The difference is, the preparation that was brought and of course invite the parents were better because it could be invited to communicate.

Lucky to be able to travel with parents, that’s something to be thankful for! A travel story that we can remember someday.

Anywhere, vacation destinations when taking along memorable parents who need preparations as Manda wrote above?

• Travel destination to Bali with both parents.

An excursion to the island of Bali, it is indeed better if we are accompanied by a tour guide (can also be read from many bloggers who tell a lot of tourist attractions that have been visited). Then, the most convenient is to rent your own car with sufficient seating capacity. Start a tourist destination by looking at a map, so that a travel itinerary is made (even if only with four or six).