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The Accommodation Provider should ship an e-mail to the nominated contact individual when U18 Students have paid their safety deposit and confirming the related booking reference number. The Accommodation Provider must have an internet booking system to allow U18 Students or their agents to apply for a place at the Premises. The Accommodation Provider should not accept consents instantly from an U18 Student. The Accommodation Provider will need to have a standardised invoicing process with rules for the variety of weeks the U18 Student must be charged upfront, all of which must be captured within the policy referred to in paragraph 7.1(a) of these Requirements. The Accommodation Provider must make out there to UNSW an appropriate range of lodging packages to swimsuit the needs of its students and the completely different intake dates which might be obtainable.

An lodging supplier is understood to be anybody who offers accommodation for remuneration or who accommodates more than 5 foreign nationals, except in instances where the international national and the supplier could be considered as being in an in depth relationship.

At Home UK (London) meets the requirements for registration with the British Council as a supplier of homestay accommodation for adults and beneath 18s for accredited suppliers in London. As a small lodging provider, right here’s what you should know. A variety of vacationer lodging suppliers have contacted Tourism NI regarding what appears to be reserving scams. An lodging provider in Co Antrim has advised us that they have … Read More