5 Extreme Travel Destinations in Parts of the World, Have the Guts to Come?

Traveling is usually synonymous with relaxing and fun activities. But for some people who are adventurous and like something that is challenging, these things seem invalid and less of their interest. Now, if you want to feel something different while traveling, it looks like the following extreme locations from various parts of the world are suitable for you adrenaline addicts. Where have you been? Check out the reviews right away, let’s go!

1. Visiting the extreme tourist boiling river in Peru

The Boiling river or boiling river with the name Shanay-timpishka is located in the interior of the Amazon forest, precisely in Mayantuyacu, Peru. The water that flows in this river has an extraordinarily hot temperature, so it’s no wonder that this river is dubbed the hottest river in the world. In certain parts of the river, the temperature can reach 100 degrees Celsius, you know! If there is a living being around the river that accidentally falls, it will automatically be boiled alive.

Not many people know about the location of this river. In one year, only a handful of tourists come to see the phenomenon of the boiling river. That said, water vapor from this river also has … Read More

The Most Popular End of semester Holidays Abroad

The end of semester holidays is a much-awaited moment. Because in the long vacation time, children have the opportunity to take a break from routine learning at school. Not infrequently some parents want to take their children to travel to some interesting places. No half-hearted, if they have money, they may take children on holiday abroad. If you want something similar, here are some recommended and popular end of semester holidays abroad.

1. Singapore

This country is a country that is very attractive to tourists from Indonesia. Seen from the many tourists from Indonesia who visit there when the holiday season arrives. Besides being close to Indonesia, Singapore is also quite interesting and has many famous tourist destinations. Also, tourist destinations in Singapore are suitable for children. Call it the Universal Studios Singapore which is very famous. This tourist spot is often used as the main destination for tourists visiting Singapore. If you don’t have a lot of money when exploring Singapore, take it easy. Because there are still a few Singapore Free Attractions that can be visited without having to pay the cost of purchasing an entrance ticket.

2. Malaysia

Besides Singapore, another neighboring country suitable for a semester-end … Read More

9 Cheap Traveling Tips to Budapest-Hungary, Guaranteed Really Save!

less amazing than other European countries. Located in the heart of Europe, Hungary can be included in your list of destination countries. Budapest as the capital of the country, has its own charm with a variety of tours that should not be missed just like that. Even Budapest is famous as one of the cheap destinations But guys, even though it’s famous for being cheap, you still have to be smart about managing finances while traveling. If you can save more money, why not? Here are some tips for those of you who want to take a vacation to the city of Budapest.

1. Buy a Budapest-travelcard so you can travel with various transportation such as buses, trams, subways and even boats. Besides having an affordable price, the facilities provided are international class!

2. Shopping for food at Spar, Aldi, or Lidl which provides a variety of healthy foods to ready-to-serve food with relatively cheaper prices

3. Eating doner kebabs or sandwiches that are easily found everywhere with prices

4. Bring a bottle of drinking water. Because there is guaranteed water quality, then you can fill clean water in the place provided

5. Renting a hostel is also quite affordable, … Read More

5 Reasons Why Occasional Families Should Schedule Collective Holidays

Almost everyone likes the name of the trip. Some are just simply to pull aside from daily activities and activities, some deliberately take the time to accompany their close relatives on vacation, others make travel as a routine, even making it a main job, such as tourist guides, nature photographers, and so on. Likewise with holidays, sometimes some want to say hello to nature, some go to historical sites, or some are just visiting to meet relatives or relatives who live in the village.

Of all the activities above, for a moment we ask ourselves, what are you looking for from a vacation? To be frank, is it just simply joining in so as not to be considered obsolete because they have never visited tourist sites that are trending at the time? Or indeed looking for pleasure alone, want to pull over from the tired office desk?

Quality Time

Good for anyone, taking the time to be able to share time with the people we love is the most valuable thing. It is very difficult sometimes to be able to spend a little time to enjoy the name of the trip, especially for a family, a father is certainly faced … Read More

Enjoy a picnic with family

As a refresher, try to occasionally make a picnic in your home garden. If the house does not have a large enough yard, then a selection of city parks in your area can be a destination for a simple picnic. Here are some tips and preparations that must be considered in making a picnic


For a picnic done in a city park, then the best time for pills mothers is in the morning. Why morning? In addition to the fresh air, the sunlight is not too hot so the mother can exercise beforehand with the family, and then continue with breakfast together.


Before Mother promises picnic activities to your child, it never hurts to see the weather forecasts first. Do not let your child disappointed because of a promise that is not kept. If the weather turns out unexpected, then prepare alternative other activities.


If the picnic starts with sports together, they also prepare a change of clothes for your child. Given that outdoor events easily make your child sweat, then prepare at least 2 pairs of clothes made of materials that absorb sweat and are also comfortable to wear.

Hats or umbrellas should not be missed … Read More